I will tell you that I have worked with Blue Crown since its inception, Danny Hardeman, the owner, and now, very closely with Mary Fran.
You are a rock star, Mary Fran! Anyone who is considering a management company, PLEASE, do consider Blue Crown. They are the quintessential, "work hard and make your clients happy" type of company. You will absolutely not be sorry. It's the best investment I have ever made in property management, and now having Blue Crown assisting me in the sale of my home, it has turned full circle. You can't ask for more than that, and you won't get better service, I can promise you that. Thank you both for the many years of quality service, and Mary Fran, I'm indebted to you for so much I can't explain in a short review. THANK YOU :)

Elise Nock (OWNER)

I’ve been an out-of-state landlord for over a decade and my biggest struggle has been finding reliable property management. I consider myself fortunate to have found Danny and the team at Blue Crown Properties after my last property manager retired. Mary Fran has been a real pleasure to work with. She is dedicated, professional and continually goes above and beyond to ensure that my tenants and properties are well taken care of. I’ve worked with many different property managers over the years and would highly recommend Blue Crown team. It’s a relief knowing that Danny, Dee and Mary Fran are there looking after things.

Sadia Lone (OWNER)

I have owned rent managed properties for 23 years and have found that I never experienced property management done right until I hired Blue Crown. Danny and Mary Fran are exceptional. Mary Fran is smart, certainly knows her profession and has a good measure of people skills. For the first time ever I am relaxed about Blue Crown handling the properties. MaryFran keeps me updated and I've found her wise counsel to be very much in my and my tenants best interests. How I wish I'd found them sooner! I very much admire Mary Frans experience and dedication. Danny was personally on the spot when a sewer backed up and broke at night on Christmas. Sewage had to be cleaned up, backhoes brought in, a deep trench dug etc. and he personally stayed with it. Whether as a tenant or an owner you will do well with them. I highly recommend the company.

Lyn Slazyk (OWNER)

Blue Crown Properties (Danny and Mary Fran) have managed 3 of my rental properties since my prior manager retired in late 2016. I don't reside in the state, and the Blue Crown team made it SO EASY to keep track of my investments from afar--I've never even had the pleasure of meeting them in person! When it came time to sell, Mary Fran was there every step of the way, and were able to negotiate quick sales for me on favorable terms. I highly recommend the Blue Crown team.

Ross Uehara-Tilton (OWNER)

We moved from Denver straight into our rental town home managed by Blue Crown Properties in Dallas. It's been 20 months of an incredible rental experience. Mary Fran was our primary contact and she is so professional, responsive , and attentive. We felt as though what minor needs we had were heard. The maintenance contractors Blue Crown works with are also so professional and we always had prompt resolution when minor maintenance issues came about. I recommend Blue Crown Properties highly. We truly felt like we were at home and with trusted partners in caring for our owner's property. If I owned a rental property I would certainly entrust them to manage my investment as well. We have just been so impressed all around. Thanks for making our first 2 years in Dallas comfortable and welcoming!

Emily Hogle (TENANT)

I have been a tenant two years now with Blue Crown and have had such a great experience! I enjoy my rental, location, and property manager so much I have decided to resign another year with a different roommate and Mary Fran made the process so easy for me. Her professionalism and quick responsiveness makes me feel comfortable in where I live. Thank you!

Chase Overgaard (TENANT)

Just last week as I was in the waking nightmare of wondering how I was going to survive COVID 19, I contacted my rental management company Blue Crown Properties to ask for assistance. I don't know what I expected what I received from Mary Fran Mulcahy was more than I had dreamed, there was professionalism, kindness and assistance. She went above and beyond by sharing information, correcting information that I had wrong and, giving me a few ideas of what some of my next moves could be. Because she took the time, I am in a much better place than I was just a week ago and somehow I feel less isolated. I already knew Blue Crown Properties was a great management company. I had no idea the people of Blue Crown, Mary Fran, in particular, would extend herself to help me in a time of crisis, simply by listening and sharing the information she had that I did not. I was treated like a human being worthy of her time, it was extraordinary, because my time of crisis is her time of crisis as well. This pandemic singled no one out, with her own problems to shoulder, she extended a hand to me.